Why Silk?

We work with the highest quality of Mulberry silk available to ensure your Sulky pieces are the very best available on the market. We're passionate about silk, so we're laying out the main reasons why silk should be a major part of your beauty regime.

In a nutshell, if you care about your skincare and haircare products - you should be protecting the benefits you get from those beautiful products by using beautiful, pure silk.

  • Beauty Benefits

    The benefits of pure silk on your skin and hair are two fold. Firstly silk as a core textile is the only proven natural method of anti-ageing. This is due to the fact that silk helps retain your skin and hairs natural moisture.

    This brings us on to combining silk with your skincare regime to maximise the benefits of the products you use. Cotton pillowcases for example actually absorb your skin creams and so make them redundant as opposed to working with them.

  • Fabric Quality

    The fabrics that we sleep on and tie our hair up with should be as considered as the other beauty products we use daily.

    If you care about your hair and skin then it’s simply a case of making the switch to maximise the effects your daily routine.

  • The Silk Road

    All of our Mulberry Silk is sourced directly from the Silk Road in China. We work with the Chinese market because quite simply they are masters of the industry.

    Our manufacturer is a small run business and we have a very close relationship with all our suppliers which is important to us.

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