Our Sulky Women are born from the flames and like diamonds moulded under pressure. We are proud to work with these strong and vivacious women, sharing their magical stories and inspiring other Sulky Souls worldwide. 




The past few months we have been awe inspired by the women working on the front line of the NHS. For every Sulky you bought in March and April, we donated a Madonna Blue Sulky to the NHS. 






Sunlight streams through the glass doors, pouring over her tanned skin and glittering against the white sheets. She indulges her senses, stretching her limbs out leisurely and breathing in the fresh linen. 
Outside by the infinity pool she gets lost in the morning papers, coffee balanced in one hand and the other with fork, poised next to a fruit platter. The bright pinks of the watermelon and rich orange of the mango feed her soul. 
Time is an enigma as the day merges into evening and the sun sets down on her as sure as it rose. Candle light flickers against the dusky sky as she sips on an olive martini. Sea view. She shakes her hair loose from her favourite Sulky and just like the oceans below her, the waves cascade down. 

She's Sulky. 




She sits outside cafes, espresso in one hand and a well loved novel in the other. Romantic tragedy. Spaghetti twirls around her fork as she observes the captivating beat of the city, the elusive footsteps and foreign laughter of passing strangers draw her in.

The energy and the vibrancy eventually become her. As the sky darkens and the cobbled streets grow dimly lit, she feels the red wine flow through her body, heating up her bones. She glows with vivacity as her hips begin to sway in time with the rhythmic music.

Up on the roof terrace they beckon her to join them dancing. She laughs and tilts her head back, savouring the remnants of her glass before reaching for the Sulky on her wrist. With it she pulls her hair up in to a loose bun and then sacrifices her mind, body and soul to city.

She's Sulky.







She wanders across continents, her sandals worn from the thousand footsteps that endlessly trace the earth. Her skin darkens under many suns and glows under the moons that guide her path. And every evening she returns to the hotel resorts, tents, hammocks and tree-houses, her eyes sparkling fiercely from the day she leaves behind her.

No matter the stars she sleeps under, her nightly ritual remains the same; a low bun tied at the nape of her neck by her favourite Sulky. She dreams of the people and places she has yet to discover, her hair forever nourished and recharged for the adventure tomorrow brings.

She’s Sulky.