We are Romance. Shop our cult beauty essentials for the women who dream in pure silk. #ShesSulky

  • Plastic Free

    We are proudly plastic free. All your Sulky products will arrive in eco-friendly packaging which you can recycle. We encourage all our customers to recycle every part of the packaging.

  • Sustainability

    As a natural fibre, silk is durable, breathable and will biodegrade. We have written a guide on how to care for your silk so it will last you for very many years to come. We use the very best Mulberry Silk which is designed to last.

  • Female Empowerment

    As a female founded brand, we support the empowerment of women all over the world. We celebrate romanticism and creativity and actively use our platform to raise awareness of important issues.

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Sulky Approved.

Sophie Hermann from Made in Chelsea is a Sulky Woman. Religiously sleeping only on Mulberry Silk, Sophie uses our beautiful Sulky pure silk pillowcases. She loves our face masks for keeping safe and Skinny Sulkies for working out and doing Pilates. Chic, minimal, Sulky.